Culinary Dictionary: Frusta

Frusta, which means “whip,” is a long, thin bread with a crispy crust and a chewy interior. It is traditionally used to make crostini (particularly, chicken liver crostini) and canapés.

La Mia Firenze: Judy Witts Francini

Judy Witts Francini is the cook and Tuscan food expert behind the blog Divina Cucina. Originally from California, Judy has been living in Tuscany for more than thirty years, where […]

Shopping List: Pane Integrale by Forno Moschino

Forno Moschino is a renowned bakery located in Sesto Fiorentino (10 kilometers from Florence), close to the city center. It sells a variety of beautiful breads, tarts, and pastries. Prices are […]

Ingredients: Rape Rosse

Rape rosse is the Italian word for beetroots. In Tuscany, they are grown both for their roots and for their leaves, which resemble the texture of spinach but have a […]

Culinary Dictionary: Spumini

Spumini, which comes from the Italian “spuma” (foam) and translates as “little foams,” are crunchy meringues shaped into fluffy peaks. They look glossy and have a sandy, crumbly texture.

Ingredients: Raveggiolo

Raveggiolo is a sheep’s milk cheese that looks like ricotta but has different texture and taste. It has a soft, gelatinous consistency and a slightly sour flavor.

Florentine Kitchens: Chiara and Marta Calugi

Chiara and Marta Calugi are the sisters behind the blog La Cucina Spontanea (“The Spontaneous Cooking”), which has been featuring seasonal, simple recipes and beautiful photos for the past three […]

My Florence: Giuliano Hazan

Giuliano Hazan is a chef, cooking teacher and award-winning cookbook author. He is the only son of Marcella Hazan, whose The Classic Italian Cookbook, published in 1973, has been defined […]