Pasta Making Class in Florence with a Chef

Florence Pasta Making Class: Learn How to Make Delicious Italian Pasta

Join our pasta making class in Florence, Italy, and discover secret nonnas’ recipes on how to make delicious Italian pasta dishes.

Florence is known for its rich culinary traditions and is a fantastic place to learn the art of pasta making. The pasta making class that FOF offers is a hands-on experience led by a local Italian chef specialized in Italian cuisine.

Why Joining the Pasta Making Class in Florence?

Booking a pasta making class is a fun learning opportunity with an immersive cultural experience.

As a matter of fact, our pasta making classes are loved by a wide range of customers, from families with children to couples and solo travelers.

During our pasta making class, a local famous chef will teach you the basics of pasta making and some secret recipes to make pasta dishes, well-kept in the family’s cookbook.

After the cooking class, you will savour the pasta you made and enjoy a meal together to celebrate your successful result.

What does the Pasta Making Workshop in Florence Include?

Our pasta making class in Florence are a cultural experience as they offer a very exciting outlook on Italian lifestyle and cuisine.

A pasta making class in a private studio with a personal chef with Foods of Florence includes:

  • An experienced food professional who will teach you how to make authentic Italian pasta. The chef will start with an introduction to the ingredients, then you are going to do the dough and prepare different kinds of pasta from scratch (tagliatelle, tortelli, fettuccine and more);
  • You will learn how to prepare few different sauces for your amazing pasta, such as pesto, pomarola, and more;
  • You will taste 4 different pasta dishes you made together with the chef;
  • Two hours of exclusive pasta making experience, with the chance to learn from an experienced, award-winning local chef;
Homemade pasta during a workshop in Florence

Perks of the Pasta Making Class in Florence

  • Private culinary experience with a famous local chef in Florence;
  • Chance to customize the pasta experience based on your interests/curiosities;
  • Becoming integrated into Italian culture;
  • Learn about Florence’s eating and drinking traditions;
  • 4 delicious and freshly-made pasta dishes are included.

How Much Does it Cost to Book a Pasta Making Class in Florence with FOF?

FOF offers engaging pasta making classes in Florence. Above all, our pasta making workshops provide a unique experience in Florence at a reasonable price.

The price per person for the wine tasting is 190,00 € per person and it includes a qualified chef for two hours who will teach you everything about Florentine pasta and Tuscan secret recipes. Four pasta dishes with wine and water are also included in the price.

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