Gelato Tour and Making Class in Florence

Florence Gelato Tour and Making Class with FOF

Discover the best ice cream shops and makers on our Gelato Tour in Florence. We will finish the tour by learning how to make your favorite gelato with the help of a famous gelatiere (gelato maker).

The history of Florence is stricly connected to the one of gelato. During the Italian Renaissance, alchemist Cosimo Ruggieri (d. 1615) created the first-ever gelato (fior di latte) at the court of Catherine de’ Medici. Other sources credit mannerist architect Bernardo Buontalenti for the invention of gelato alla crema, the popular egg cream flavor whose recipe (crema Buontalenti) was supposedly circulating since 1565.

Why Joining the Gelato Tasting Tour in Florence?

A gelato tour in Florence can be a delightful experience for gelato enthusiasts and food lovers.

During the Gelato Tour and Tasting that FOF offers, you will visit the best gelaterias in the city, that use quality ingredients and traditional preparation methods. As you indulge in delicious Florentine gelato, you will have the opportunity to explore the city as well, admiring iconic landmarks, and charming streets.

One of the joys of our gelato tour in Florence is trying different, unique flavors. We will test together classic options like chocolate and vanilla, and also seasonal flavors made with fresh, local ingredients, such as black sesame, Buontalenti, pistachio, stracciatella, hazelnut, fruit sorbets, and more.

Gelato shop in Florence, Italy

What does the Gelato Tour in Florence Include?

Our gelato tours in Florence are a cultural experience as they offer a very exciting outlook on Italian lifestyle and cuisine.

An ice cream tasting in Florence with Foods of Florence includes:

  • An experienced tour leader/food expert who will escort you throughout the tour. He/She will take you to the planned stops, act as a translator, and a problem solver;
  • Three hours of exclusive gelato experience, with the chance to taste fresh, homemade, local ice cream prepared with high quality ingredients, following secret, old recipes;
  • N. 4 cups/cones of delicious, freshly-made gelato with flavors of your choice + water
  • Gelato making class with a famous gelatiere (ice cream maker) in his unique shop in the heart of Florence
A tourist eating gelato in a shop in Florence

How Much Does it Cost to Book a Gelato Tasting in Florence with FOF?

FOF offers engaging gelato tours in Florence. Above all, our ice cream tastings provide a unique experience in Florence at a reasonable price.

The price per person for the gelato tour and tasting is 190,00 € per person and it includes a qualified tour leader for three hours who will teach you everything about Florentine gelato, tasting unique local ice cream at the best gelato shops in the city. N. 4 small cups/cones of gelato are also included in the price.

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