Coffee Tour and Tasting in Florence

Coffee roaster at work in Florence, Italy

Florence Coffee Tour and Tasting with FOF

Join our coffee tour and tasting in Florence and discover the famous Italian coffee culture and the art of espresso. A coffee tour and tasting in Florence is a fantastic way to explore the city’s coffee traditions and indulge in some delightful caffeinated experiences.

On the special coffee tour that FOF offers, you will be guided to the best coffee shops and roasteries in Florence. We will learn everything about high-quality coffee beans, skilled baristas, and authentic Italian espresso culture.

Why Joining the Coffee Tasting Tour in Florence?

A coffee tour and tasting in Florence can be a delightful experience for any coffee enthusiasts and food lovers. On our unique Florentine coffee tour, we will explore historic cafes that have been serving coffee for centuries. These historic establishments have a unique atmosphere and a sense of tradition, where you will experience the charm of Florence’s coffee heritage.

Particularly, experienced Florentine baristas will teach us about coffee preparation process from beans to coffee powder, brewing techniques, and the art of creating the perfect espresso. These passionate baristas are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with us.

Coffee testing in Florence

What does the Gelato Tour in Florence Include?

Our coffee tours and tasting in Florence are a cultural experience as they offer a very exciting outlook on Italian lifestyle and espresso traditions.

A coffee tasting in Florence with Foods of Florence includes:

  • An experienced tour leader/food expert who will escort you throughout the tour. He/She will take you to the planned stops, act as a translator, and a problem solver;
  • Three hours of exclusive coffee experience, with the chance to taste different coffee types such as espresso, cappuccino, macchiato and more freshly brewed from expert baristas;
  • Pastries and other local delicacies to pair with your coffee;
  • Exclusive access to historic cafes and experienced baristas

Perks of the Coffee Tour and Tasting in Florence

Booking the coffee experience in Florence is a unique opportunity to try different coffee styles: while espresso is the classic Italian coffee, Florence offers a variety of coffee styles to explore. We will test together a traditional espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, or a decadent caffè mocha.

Additionally, we will pair coffee with local treats, enjoying delicious pastries and desserts, such as like cantuccini (biscotti), panforte (a traditional Florentine cake), and more. The combination of flavors can enhance your overall coffee experience.

A delicious cappuccino with pastry at a coffee shop

How Much Does it Cost to Book a Coffee Tasting in Florence with FOF?

FOF offers engaging coffee tours in Florence. Above all, our coffee tastings provide a unique experience in Florence at a reasonable price.

The price per person for the coffee tour and tasting is 190,00 € per person and it includes a qualified tour leader for three hours who will teach you everything about Florentine coffee, visiting gorgeous historic cafes and meeting the most famous baristas in the city.

Six specialty coffees with pastries/desserts are also included in the price.

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