Italian Cocktail Masterclass in Florence

Bartender prepares craft cocktails in Florence, Italy

Cocktail Workshop in Florence with FOF

Book you craft cocktail workshop in Florence, Italy, a fantastic experience for any cocktail enthusiasts and food lovers. Florence, located in the heart of the Tuscan region, is the place where some of the most famous cocktails originated from. Negroni, Bellini and Spritz have all been traced their history here.

Learn the art of mixology in Florence from an expert bartender, craft delicious cocktails together from well-kept secret recipes and get ready to make a toast to your fun adventure in the city.

Why Joining the Italian Cocktail Class in Florence?

Joining a cocktail class in Florence is an excellent way to discover the Italian drinking culture. We will create a variety of craft cocktails guided by a famous bartender with many years of experience, while learning about the history of mixology in Italy at a local hidden bar.

Guided by a local mixology specialist, we will explore different cocktail making techniques. We are also going to learn the best food pairings for these cocktails, with notions on Italian cuisine as well.

You can try the best Italian cocktails such as Negroni, Bellini and Spritz, all made with a special, contemporary and modern twist.

What does the Cocktail Class in Florence Include?

Our cocktail classes in Florence are a cultural experience as they offer a very exciting outlook on Italian lifestyle and cuisine.

A mixology masterclass in a beautiful hidden spot with Foods of Florence includes:

  • An experienced tour leader/food expert who will escort you throughout the tour. He/She will take you to the planned stops, act as a translator, and a problem solver;
  • An expert bartender guiding you through the cocktail masterclass, explaining the mixology techniques, olfactory theories, food pairings and more;
  • Three hours of exclusive cocktail making experience, with a sample of 3 cocktails and food pairings to enjoy;
Negroni are ready to be sipped at a bar in Florence

Perks of the Cocktail Making Class in Florence

  • Create craft cocktails with a famous local bartender in Florence;
  • Chance to customize the cocktail experience based on your interests/curiosities;
  • Becoming integrated into Italian culture;
  • Learn about Florence’s eating and drinking traditions;
  • Samples of 3 cocktails with some food samplings are included.

How Much Does it Cost to Book a Cocktail Experience in Florence with FOF?

FOF offers engaging cocktail experiences in Florence. Above all, our wine tastings provide a unique experience in Florence at a reasonable price.

The price per person for the cocktail class is 190,00 € per person and it includes a qualified mixology specialist for three hours who will teach you everything about Italian drinking culture, tasting unique craft drinks with food samplings, also included in the price.

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