Shopping List: Caramello Salato by I Gelati del Bondi


I Gelati del Bondi (also known as Triangolo delle Bermuda) is a long-established gelateria, located only a few steps from the Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo. This ice-cream parlor was founded in 1982 by Vetulio Bondi, who is now president of the Gelatieri Artigiani Fiorentini, an association of ice-cream manufacturers promoting the art of Florentine artisan gelato making. Vetulio is extremely passionate about his job and is always coming up with new flavors. Last week, it was Caramello Salato that won my heart.

Bondi’s Caramello Salato is a salted caramel gelato that warms up even the coldest of days. It is rich, a golden brown color, and has a smooth, creamy texture with a tangy saltiness that perfectly offsets the sweetness of caramelized sugar. It pairs beautifully with baked bananas and apple tarts, especially when warm.

I Gelati del Bondi | Il Triangolo delle Bermuda – Via Nazionale 61r, Firenze

written by Gaia

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