Culinary Dictionary: Quaresimali


Quaresimali are Florentine cookies named after Lent (in Italian, Quaresima). Although they have been falling out of fashion, they are traditionally made and eaten during Lent, because they contain no animal fat, only a little sugar and are therefore permitted by religious dietary laws. Florentine Quaresimali (made with egg whites, unsweetened cocoa powder, plain flour, sugar, powdered hazelnuts) should not be confused with Sicilian Quaresimali, which look and taste similar to cantuccini alla mandorla.

Quaresimali are letter-shaped, crunchy and richly spiced. I usually serve them with some Vin Santo wine.


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  1. it’s difficult to found in a pastry shop, because they are delicate.
    From bakeries is easier.

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