Pasta with Tuscan kale pesto

Tuscan Kale: Raw Cavolo Nero Pesto

Raw cavolo nero pesto is a fantastic way to make use of Tuscan kale, which is in season during the fall and winter months. Great in pastas and potato dishes, you […]

Eggless ricotta gnocchi

Eggless Ricotta Gnocchi

These eggless ricotta gnocchi are light, soft and incredibly easy to make. Use the best fresh ricotta cheese you can get for the creamiest result. Ricotta is a popular cheese […]

Pumpkin bruschetta with Tiuscan herbs

Pumpkin Bruschetta with Tuscan aromatic herbs

This pumpkin bruschetta with Tuscan aromatic herbs is a simple and tasty recipe for fall. Toasted whole wheat bread is topped with roasted pumpkin, made special by a unique mix […]

Florentine peposo beef stew

Culinary Dictionary: Peposo

Peposo, which means “peppery”, is a long-simmered Tuscan beef stew fragrant with black peppercorns and Chianti red wine. Here’s how this comforting winter dish originated and how you can make it in […]

Artichoke-shaped Florentine breads

Culinary Dictionary: Carciofini

  Carciofini, which translates into “little artichokes,” are small Florentine breads that vaguely resemble in shape artichokes. Bread is the quintessential Florentine ingredient. Lots of traditional recipes use stale bread to make deliciously […]

Helichrysum Tuscan herb

Helichrysum: a Tuscan substitute for curry

Helichrysum is an evergreen plant that grows in the Mediterranean area. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and has been used for centuries to fight stomach cramps, colds and coughs. Florentines […]

Ingredients: Prosciutto del Pratomagno D.O.P.

There are several kinds of Tuscan prosciutto. Among all hams produced in the region, Prosciutto del Pratomagno D.O.P. is a jewel in the culinary tradition of Tuscany. Prosciutto del Pratomagno […]

Shopping List: Pane Multicereale by Sforno

S.forno is a newly renovated bakery, located in the San Frediano district. This forno (bakery) has been around for about 100 years; less than one year ago, in 2014, the […]