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Our focus is on seasonal Florentine cuisine that inspires convivial gatherings. Through shared meals, we rediscover the beauty and power of togetherness.

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Pasta with Tuscan kale pesto

Tuscan Kale: Raw Cavolo Nero Pesto

Raw cavolo nero pesto is a fantastic way to make use of Tuscan kale, which is in season during the fall…
Eggless ricotta gnocchi

Eggless Ricotta Gnocchi

These eggless ricotta gnocchi are light, soft and incredibly easy to make. Use the best fresh ricotta cheese you can…
Pumpkin bruschetta with Tiuscan herbs

Pumpkin Bruschetta with Tuscan aromatic herbs

This pumpkin bruschetta with Tuscan aromatic herbs is a simple and tasty recipe for fall. Toasted whole wheat bread is…

Florentine cuisine in short?

The food of Florence attracts people from all over the word for its simplicity and sobriety. Florentine cooking is indeed based on a few essential ingredients. Bread, legumes, extra virgin olive oil, wine and herbs are the key to Florentine cuisine. Because of the prominence of meat dishes such as T-bone steak, arista alla fiorentina, chicken liver crostini and offal panini, the food scene of the Tuscan capital tends to be perceived as meat-focused. Although there is plenty of meat in Florence's gastronomy, traditional dishes are largely vegetarian. Florentine cooking makes large use of vegetables, mostly onions, spinach, pumpkin and tomato. Different versions of farro soups and bread salads are some of the most popular vegetarian options.  

Florence's culinary tradition tends to avoid excess and elaborate extravagance, which characterize other Italian regional cuisines. In the Tuscan capital, there's also a rich tradition of country cooking. Peasant dishes such as pappa al pomodoro (bread and tomato soup), panzanella (tomato and bread salad) and fagioli all'uccelletto (cannellini beans in tomato sauce) have now become fashionable and are served in restaurants in elegant, tiny portions with original ingredients. Today, Florentine peasant food often inspires creative innovative dishes. Browse through our blog to find both authentic and modern Florentine dishes and Tuscanize your recipe repertoire!