Shopping List: Biscotti della Nonna Rina by Dolce Emporio

Biscotti delle Nonne di San Frediano are artisanal cookies produced by Historical Shop of Florence Dolce Emporio, in their out-of-town location. Owned by Alfredo Cozzi, an all-Florentine man who will give you the best recipe for limoncello and semifreddo al torrone while offering you a delicious confetto (Italian almond coated in sugar), Dolce Emporio is …

Shopping List: Torta Pistocchi

Torta Pistocchi is a rich, velvety chocolate cake that has the texture of a fondant. It originated with a recipe that only includes dark chocolate, unsweetened cocoa powder, and heavy cream. These ingredients make the cake deliciously moist, creamy and dense.