Private Pasta Experience in the Florence Countryside

A pasta maker preparing delicious corzetti in Florence

Florence Pasta Experience: the Ancient Art of Italian Corzetti Making

Join our exclusive pasta experience in the Florence countryside, and discover one of the oldest and most secret local pasta types, corzetti.

Thanks to our half day tour in the Florentine countryside, you will get access to the studio of one of the only remaining pasta tool maker. After, you will enjoy a curated wine tasting and lunch at a renown Florentine wineyard.

This exclusive culinary experience combines delicious food, award-winning wines and local artisans in the gorgeous location of Florentine hills.

What are Corzetti and Why Are They So Special?

Corzetti (sometimes called croxetti or curzetti) are round pasta discs stamped with ornate designs, which both serve as decorative patterns and help the sauce coat the pasta. They’re typical of Liguria region and originated in the XIII century, probably inspired by a medieval coin called a corzetto. The wood carver we will visit has been making wooden corzetti stamps since the early 1900’s, when wealthy Genoese families often travelled to Florence to commission works from Florentine master wood carvers.

What Will You Do on the Exclusive Pasta Experience in Florence?

Booking a pasta experience s is a fun learning opportunity with an immersive cultural experience.

As a matter of fact, our pasta tour is loved by a wide range of customers, from families with children to couples and solo travelers.

Additionally, this experience is also very suitable for small groups of students.

What does this Culinary Experience in Florence Include?

Our pasta experiences in Florence are a cultural experience as they offer a very exciting outlook on Italian lifestyle and cuisine.

A pasta experience in the Florentine hills with Foods of Florence includes:

  • An experienced guide who will be with you for the whole duration of the tour, making sure you have an amazing experience;
  • Visit to the private studio of a wood carver who has been making pasta tools for many years in the beautiful countryside just outside Florence;
  • Car transportation from Florence and back;
  • Curated lunch at a local and award-winning winery where you will also have the chance to have a guided tasting of Tuscan wines;
  • Five hours of exclusive food and drinking experience for minimum two people;
Corzetti pasta carver at work in Florence

Perks of the Pasta Experience in the Florence Countryside

  • Private wine tasting and curated lunch at a famous local winery;
  • Chance to customize the experience based on your interests/curiosities;
  • Becoming integrated into Italian culture;
  • Learn about Florence’s eating and drinking traditions;
  • Visit to one of the most experienced corzetti pasta tool maker;

How Much Does it Cost to Book This Culinary Experience in Florence with FOF?

FOF offers engaging culinary experiences in Florence. Above all, our services provide a unique experience in Florence at a reasonable price.

The price per person for the pasta experience is 190,00 € per person.

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