Halloween Supper Club 2016

Ever thought of celebrating Halloween with a Florentine twist? Join us at the Foods of Florence studio for our Halloween Supper Club!


As you might know, Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in Italy although in recent years it has become a very popular holiday among young people. Italians imported Halloween from American pop culture, through cinema, television and literature. However, digging deeper in the roots of the festivity reveals that Halloween has some foundation in ancient Roman history. Costume parades and dances have, after all, remained a constant in Italian festivals.

We picked Halloween as our first supper club because it seemed like the perfect occasion to try new and original pumpkin-based recipes. Expect a menu of Florentine-influenced dishes that celebrate the official color of Halloween: orange. Our RSVP-only Halloween Supper Club is a three-course vegetarian meal full of alarmingly delicious eats, including rosemary roasted pumpkin dip, carrot chips, pumpkin bruschetta, pecorino cheese-stuffed pumpkin and whipped ricotta with oranges and nuts. (Yes, you guessed it right, we're not big fans of sinister cakes and creepy appetizers). Because of the fame of Florentine steak and offal panini, the cuisine of Florence is often perceived as meat-focused. Vegetable dishes (roasted, sautéed, fried, boiled), however, have been dominating Florentine culinary tradition for centuries.  

Halloween Supper Club 2016 | Menu

Pumpkin + Sage Bruschetta*

Spiced Carrots Chips**

Roasted Pumpkin + Rosemary Chickpea Dip**

Pecorino stuffed pumpkin*

Whipped Ricotta + Orange + Nuts*

*vegetarian; **vegan 

All items on the Halloween Supper Club menu are suitable for vegetarians. All ingredients are locally sourced and seasonal.   

If you want to attend our Halloween Supper Club or need further information, please fill in the contact form.