Day at the Spa and Aperitivo in Florence

Woman swimming at the spa in Florence

Enjoy the Best Spa in Florence with Aperitivo

Join our exclusive  day at the spa with aperitivo in Florence. Relax and unwind at the most beautiful spa in Florence and enjoy a luxury lunch at one of the most celebrated local spots.

Book your wellness retreat, located in the center of Florence in a spectacular setting, where the ancient Roman baths once stood. Away from the city bustling, you can immerse yourself in this well-being oasis and and enjoy a relaxing break in an exclusive location

What does the Spa and Aperitivo Experience in Florence Include?

Our day at the spa and aperitivo in Florence is a wonderful way to seek relaxation combining Italian food and lifestyle.

A day at the spa in Florence with Foods of Florence includes:

  • Relaxing and rejuvenating immersion in Roman baths with access to Calidarium, Aquae, Sudatorium, Frigidarium, Tepidarium, Lacus Quietis, Area Quietis for two hours;
  • Curated aperitif at a luxury famous restaurant with appetizers and Tuscan wine;
  • Four hours of exclusive well being and food experience.
Young men relaxing at the spa in Florence

Perks of the Spa and Aperitivo Experience in Florence

  • Access to famous luxury thermal baths;
  • Chance to customize the experience based on your interests/curiosities;
  • Becoming integrated into Italian culture;
  • Learn about Florence’s eating and drinking traditions;
  • Curated lunch with freshly-made Italian cheeses;

How Much Does it Cost to Book a Day at the Spa in Florence with FOF?

FOF offers engaging experiences in Florence combining well-being and food. Above all, our services provide a unique experience in Florence at a reasonable price.

The price per person for the day at the spa with aperitivo is 190,00 € per person.

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