Ingredients: Prosciutto del Pratomagno D.O.P.

Tuscan ham from Pratomagno

There are several kinds of Tuscan prosciutto. Among all hams produced in the region, Prosciutto del Pratomagno D.O.P. is a jewel in the culinary tradition of Tuscany.

Prosciutto del Pratomagno D.O.P. is a traditional mountain ham, produced in the Pratomagno Mount area. This Tuscan prosciutto is made from pork meat raised in the region. The ingredients used for curing the ham are salt, pepper, and a mixture of aromatic herbs. The final result is a flavorsome and slightly sweet cured meat.

This Tuscan prosciutto is usually served in thick slices as part of an antipasto, alongside cheeses, sottoli and sottaceti. I love to serve it sliced paper thin, with some fresh cherries.

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