Shopping List: Formaggio di Pecora della Calvana by Lama


Azienda Agricola Lama is a farm located at the feet of the Calvana mountains, a rural area that has been devoted to sheep breeding for centuries. At the Lama farm, a variety of sheep’s milk cheeses are produced, from creamy ricottas to pungent pecorinos.

I love their Formaggio di Latte di Pecora della Calvana (Calvana sheep’s milk cheese), a rectangular-shaped pecorino that is firm but moist, with a rough texture. It smells sharp and salty, and tastes buttery and slightly sour. This formaggio pairs beautifully with fresh figs and chestnut honey.

Azienda Agricola Lama di Garau Renato – Loc. Casaglia 40, Calenzano (Firenze)


written by Gaia

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