Pack Me Florentine: F.lli Chiaverini & C.


In 1928, F.lli Chiaverini & C. began producing jams and marmalades in Florence. Their confetture have been carefully packed in beautiful pastel-colored tins since then.

If I had to pick my favorite Chiaverini jar, it would probably be Confettura Extra di Fichi con Mandorle (= “fig and almond jam”), a wonderfully rich preserve that tastes both sweet and nutty.  The jar in which the confettura is contained is a light silver color that allows the vintage-looking, colorful logo to stand out.

I can’t resist confettura di fichi con mandorle spread on a slice of toasted, buttered bread, and also like to serve it to accompany gooey cheeses such as Taleggio and Gorgonzola.

written by Gaia

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