Shopping List: Pane di Segale by Forno Top


Forno Top is a bakery and pastry shop located right behind Palazzo Strozzi. At any time during the day, the wooden counter displays a tempting array of pastries, biscuits, pizzas, focaccias and breads in different shapes, sizes and textures – a true feast for the eyes.

I usually go there to buy ciabattas or rye bread, which is – in my opinion – the best in town. Their Pane di Segale (“rye bread”) is a cocoa brown color, has a thick, floury crust and a dense crumb with irregular air pockets. It tastes nutty, slightly sour and pairs beautifully with tangy cheeses, cured meats and canned fish, such as salmon or anchovies. I often use it to make butter and anchovy canapés.

Forno Top – Via della Spada 23r, Firenze

written by Gaia

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  1. I have taste Forno Top’s pane di segale, it’s perfect with eggs

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