Shopping List: Biscotti della Nonna Rina by Dolce Emporio


Biscotti delle Nonne di San Frediano are artisanal cookies produced by Historical Shop of Florence Dolce Emporio, in their out-of-town location. Owned by Alfredo Cozzi, an all-Florentine man who will give you the best recipe for limoncello and semifreddo al torrone while offering you a delicious confetto (Italian almond coated in sugar), Dolce Emporio is the oldest candy store in Florence.

Biscotti delle Nonne range includes three different kinds of cookies and each one of them is named after a San Frediano nonna (grandmother): Nonna Ada (dark chocolate), Nonna Bice (chocolate and hazelnuts), and Nonna Rina (my favorite nonna), made with extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts, raisins and Tuscan vin santo wine. The Biscotti della Nonna Rina are chewy in the center and crumbly on the outside. They’re only mildly sweet, and packed with warmth. I usually serve them with some vin santo wine or a glass of fresh milk.

Dolce Emporio – Borgo San Frediano 128r, Firenze

written by Gaia

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