Shopping List: Carciofini by Il Forno



Il Forno is a long-established bakery selling an endless variety of breads, pastries, cakes, and pizzas.  I usually stop for a fantastic schiacciata integrale (whole wheat flat bread) and some small breads they call Carciofini, a word that translates into small artichokes and alludes to the shape of these breads, which vaguely resemble artichokes.

Carciofini are shiny breads made with a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil. They have a crisp, crumbly crust,  a dense interior, and a delicate, neutral taste.

They make very good sandwiches, especially if you choose a flavorful, gooey stuffing. My favorite combination is pumpkin and pecorino. If you want to try it, just roast some pumpkin with herbs, then turn into a creamy puree. Now spread the mashed pumpkin on a sliced carciofino, and add some gorgonzola. Warm up your sandwich and eat immediately.

Il Forno – Via Pisana 53/r, Florence


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  1. my grandmother buy me carciofini !!!

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